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The Great Himalayan
Best Season April to June and September to November

Characterised by dazzling high ridges, glaciers, deep gorges, alpine meadows and valleys with closed virgin forests, the Great Himalayan National Park with an altitudinal variation from 1,300m to 6,100m in Kullu district is one of the best destinations for Himalayan flora and fauna lovers. Supporting a diverse wildlife of over three hundred species of birds and over thirty species of mammals, the region was declared a national park in 1984.

Pin Parvati Valley
This Pin Valley national park is situated in Lahual Spiti district. In this park there is a variety of rare animals such as wooly hare, Tibetan gazelle and snow Leopard. The entire area is a cold desert. It was declared National Park on 9th January 1987 and occupies an area of 67,500 hectares. Animals that are found in this sanctuary includes Red Indian Fox, Tibetan Gazelle, Wooley Hare, Snow Leopard, Himalayan Marmot, Himalayan Mouse-hare, Indian Hodgsoris Porcupine, Blue Sheep and Wolf. In this area visitors come across large herds of Ibex and Bharal. Snow leopards are also found in this park.

Rajaji National Park
Best Season Mid-November To Mid-June

Rajaji National Park is distinct for its pristine scenic beauty and rich bio-diversity. Situated at the edge of the sprawling Dehradun valley, the park was founded in 1966 and spreads over an area of about 820-sq-km. Nestled in a lush valley of the Shivalik Range, the park is an ideal holiday resort with its many picnic spots and excursion sites for the nature lover. Three sanctuaries in the Western U.P., Shivaliks-Rajaji, Motichur and Chilla were amalgamated into a large protected area and named Rajaji National Park in the year 1983 after the famous freedom fighter late Shri Rajgopalachari; Popularly known as "Rajaji". This area is the northwestern limit of Asian elephants.

Corbett National Park
Best Season Mid November to Mid April

The Corbett Tiger reserve has quite a history. It is India's First National Park and one of the finest, notable for its individualistic scenic charm and magnificent submontane and riverine vistas, and also for its richly varied wildlife, still interestingly in the process of change, and the site of the launching of project Tiger. Early this century its exceptional potential as a wildlife reserve was recognized and there were moves to have it officially declared a sanctuary, liberating it from the exploitation of its tree forests and human occupation of the riverside land. Finally, in 1936 it was set up as the first authentic national park of the country under the United Provinces National Parks Act.

Gir National Park
Best Season November to March

Gir exhibits great variation in topography, including flat, gently undulating to hilly tracts; and elevation ranges between 152m at Vasadhol to 530m above the sea level at Nandivela hills. The Gir forest area is extremely rugged and hilly. Slopes are generally moderate, hills are of volcanic origin and the soil varies from one area to another. While most of the soil is generally black, the other types one may come across will be red, yellowish, white clay and sandy. Each soil type supports a different kind of plant life and hence the wildlife too differs based on vegetation types.

Dudwa National Park
Best Season October to March

A mosaic of grasslands, marshes, lakes and sal (Shorea robusta) forests constitute the Dudwa Tiger Reserve. It is as wild as can be. Situated on the Indo-Nepal border in District Lakhimpur-Kheri of Uttar Pradesh, the Dudhwa Tiger Reserve with an area of 614 sq. km. is one of the finest of the few remaining examples of the exceedingly diverse and productive Terai eco-systems. The northern edge of the Reserve lies along the Indo-Nepal border and the southern boundary is marked by the River Suheli. It is home to a large number of rare and endangered species which include tiger, leopard, swamp deer, hispid hare, Bengal flovican, etc.

Keoladeo National Park
Best Season November to April

This is truly a fantasy of feathers. It is the bird kingdom, where time takes wing. Welcome to the Keoladeo Ghana National Park at Bharatpur in Rajasthan. Spread over an area of little over 232 sq kms, Keoladeo derives its name from the Shiva Temple in the heart of the sanctuary. Formerly known as the Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary, ornithologist Salim Ali, is credited for bringing this park to public notice.

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